Four Sons Brewing

Our Story

Founded in 2014, Four Sons Brewing truly is a family-run business. Stop by the taproom in Huntington Beach and you will most likely find Duke (aka dad) and Daune (aka mom) and the “four sons” – Deven, Derek, Drew, and Dustin – doing everything from checking equipment and sifting grain, to bottling, packaging, and filling glasses.

Four Sons Brewing strives to produce excellent craft beer with a wide range of variety that appeals to the novice beer drinker and astonishes the beer expert. With a strong focus on quality and authenticity, every beer contains only natural ingredients to ensure a clean, smooth and memorable taste.

Try the beer. Visit the brewery. Tour our newly expanded production facility. Experience first hand the personal attention and family passion that is Four Sons.

Four Sons Brewing. Real Family. Real Ingredients.

Left to right: Duke, Daune, Deven, Dustin, Drew and Derek. Deven leads operations and sales for Four Sons while Derek is the Head Brewer with Dustin as Assistant Brewer. Drew helps with sales but really slays the artsy stuff.